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Allow me to introduce myself…

The first Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle launched in February 2020, initiating a new paradigm for women in recovery within which their underworld experiences (whether characterized by alcohol, drugs, divorce, etc.) were transmuted into personal power with radical success. 

Founded by Tammy Roth, PhD and Whitney Freya, author of 30 Days to Unstoppable, the divergence from "normal" in the recovery world has been guided by the unwavering belief in the inherent level of mastery involved at a Soul Level of any woman on the journey of recovery. 

After 25 years of working with women in recovery, Dr. Tammy Roth knows that women in recovery tend to be HIGHLY creative and HIGHLY attuned. Their natural essence is one of a trailblazer, a non-conformist, a wayshower, an intuitive, a healer... as such, that essence was not received with love and encouragement by the people and institutions that have characterized our modern, western world… up until now. This vibrational pattern of the inspired disruptor, not able to resonate with the surrounding “traditional” energies, sought escape and ways to numb the trauma of not belonging.

The other unwavering belief is that we are here to transcend "victim consciousness" and learn to care for ourselves as vibrational beings in this lifetime. As women who are here to BE and CREATE the change we desire in the world, our underworld experiences serve as a powerful initiation SO THAT we can emerge right now with potent wisdom, compassion and a newly sourced self-love that can't help but be transformative.


A woman in recovery from “All the Things”.....substance abuse, lifelong trauma, codependency, narcissistic parent, divorce, grief, just to name a few. I am a highly attuned individual with a sensitive nervous system and spent most of my life “numbing out” as a perceived way to soothe my nervous system and be able “to handle” and manage life.

I am grateful to be on the recovery path. One of the most amazing parts of my underworld journey into addiction and the shadow work as part of my recovery has been the gifts this process has given me. I have released limiting belief thought patterns which kept me small, destructive behaviors that caused me guilt and shame, and my inability to provide myself with self love and compassion. I have reclaimed my sovereignty, my dignity, the ability to trust myself, give myself love and compassion, my creativity, and an unshakable inner peace.

The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circles offer me a safe, confidential space to explore all the issues that surface for me as I navigate my recovery and heal my inner being. I have found my tribe, a way to deeply connect with others and be seen for who I really am, while being able to provide these life-changing attributes for other women as well.

I am thrilled to be an Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach and would love to share this journey with you. I invite you to join us on our next call to explore your Unstoppableness!

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In this Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle…

…you will meet in the Circle on Zoom once a week.

…you will explore the roles of frequency & vibration in your recovery journey.

…you will explore & grow to embody more of your own Sacred Feminine.

…you will develop a sacred & personal painting practice.

…you will have access 24/7 to online content with video lessons, inspirational teachings, writing and creative prompts & much more!


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  Initiation One
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New Paradigms Call for Tools &


Just before New Year's 2019, Whitney Freya spent 20 hours in complete darkness. What she received was a message about how Sacred Geometry can serve as a bridge to connect us to new aspects of ourselves.

She also "heard" that we are ready to remember how to care for ourselves as Vibrational Beings.

The Meditation Practice offered to you in this book serves as a foundational element to our journey together in this Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle.

Insight into the frequency of the new CREATIVE


In our creative practice, we will connect to the Sacred Geometric Symbols of the Flower of Life, leading into the source of all matter, Metatron's Cube.

Alongside this creative practice, you will learn a guided meditation to connect you to the "Six Spheres of Wellness," creating within and around you such a high vibration that any dream you receive HAS TO come true.

The secret to miracle making, dream manifesting & healing is to raise the vibration of your physical and energetic bodies to levels that attract high vibration, creative impulses from the quantum field. Like attracts like.

As you surround yourself with your "spheres" full of love, compassion, courage, alignment, gratitude and presence, and learn to align with these energies, you can't help but reflect the infinite nature of our Universe and become a co-creator with the quantum field.

Of course, we paint. You will paint a mandala painting layered with your intentions and your Unstoppable Dreams!

Here are some examples of mandalas created by participants in this course...

This is for the woman who…

  • Hasn't "hit bottom" but knows there is more life and vitality awaiting her; or 
  • Who already has a recovery community but is seeking something to compliment it and take it to the next level; or
  • Has known for a while it's time to make changes but the existing recovery paradigms don't resonate; or 
  • Is reading this and feels a call without fully understanding why.

This is NOT for the woman…

  • Who is in an acute crisis.
  • Who requires medical / professional psychological attention.

This program isn't therapy or individual coaching. IT is a Peer Led Group. It is a soul level program where we evolve together in community.


Jessica Williams

The Unstoppable Dream Recovery has completely changed everything! I just wanted to find my passion (My Unstoppable Dream), figure out a way to earn money doing something I love even though it felt like the possibility of that happening was very slim.

Well not only did that happen but so much more. I am learning how to do life as an energetic being, how to nurture my vibration, raise my frequency and literally dream my world into Being. It is so simple yet so very expansive.

I believe this is how recovery was intended to be- full of love, compassion, gratitude, community, and creativity. All my years of toxic numbing had cut me off from my creative lifeforce, from the magic and mystery that make life fun.

Although I wasn't new to recovery, five years in I was still completely cut off from my body, my energy, and my creativity. I am bringing those parts back into the light surrounded by a beautiful community of strong, wise women supporting each other on our individual & collective journeys. I now know that all the pain & darkness has been a portal to lead me to my deepest healing and most authentic Self.

I am finally allowing myself to soften into who I truly am. This is so much more than just a model for recovery, it is a feminine way of life.

- Jessica Hopkins

Elena Weigand

"The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach Program came into my life with the utmost divine timing! I was very much in need of support on my recovery journey and this program was the answer I was looking for. Unstoppable dream circles provided me with grounding energy to stay rooted on my path, community to lean on for support, and guidance to face the shadows that surfaced. It is now giving me great purpose as I begin to share this healing medicine with others. I can't think of anything more rewarding than to support others on the journey of recovery. Whitney and Tammy, have created such a beautiful program that supports recovery from the inside out.  Whether the source be substances, codependency, ancestral/familial trauma, etc., their program can benefit anyone walking this road."


~ Elena Weigand, Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach

Janice Gallant

What I love most about this program is that ‘recovery’ means recovery from everything. So many women I have worked with have had powerful underworld journeys, whether it is characterized by substance abuse, divorce or money traumas, childhood experiences, old ancestral patterns, abuse, etc. I have navigated just a few of these experiences myself, and have known the power of women sitting in circle together, but have yet to find or create just the right one for continued support on our journey. As I sat in the Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle with a group of amazing women, I felt a sense of belonging and a feeling of ‘coming home’. Finally, here was a structure that supports frequency and vibration as the foundation to everything! I already knew that when women gather together we hold an expanded energetic vibration for all. This is the powerful divine feminine energy radiating! And I had found the ongoing circle of support I had been searching for! I am so grateful to Tammy & Whitney for this beautiful program as the foundation that will help thousands of women around the world stay in their divine feminine power as the world shifts around us. And now I am incredibly excited to be offering these circles as an Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach to other women on their journey. These are the circles we need radiating around the world!”


~ Janice Gallant, Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach

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How does the subscription work?

As soon as you enroll, you will receive access to all the content for our Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle. You will also receive an email with information about our weekly Zoom Circles. At any time, you can cancel your subscription, ending access to the content and the weekly calls.

You also enjoy a 14 day money back guarantee, so you can join us for two weeks and feel into your knowing about if this is a fit for you.

When are the weekly calls?

We meet once a week on Wednesdays at 4PST/7EST . You will receive the Zoom link that will be used for each meeting. These calls are not recorded.

Is there an option for 1-on-1 coaching?

There are some UDR coaches that offer this option.